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Amy ([personal profile] deenaa) wrote2011-01-01 12:01 am

An early New Year's Resolution.

This year, I will make a definite attempt to do one or more of the following in such a way that it has a noticeable effect.

1) I will update my Livejournal more in general.
    1a) I will submit creative writing for the enjoyment and review of my fellow watchers.
    1b) I will NOT submit an entry complaining, whining, or otherwise making excuses for any lack of content.

2) I will write more in general, really getting the creative juices running, no matter what I write or for what. I will make an effort to expand my understanding of the world and use it to enhance my writing ability.

3) I will keep the silly, day-to-day life entries on my blog (which will also be kept updated). The Livejournal will be for interesting, private, or otherwise personal information.

4) I will NOT give up on this two days into the new year.

5) I will NOT place bets on how long I will last.

That is all.

Thank you.

(I don't know why this is so official sounding but it's just my way of saying HAI GUISE I'LL BE DOING MORE >_>)

EDIT: Also to note: The majority of my posts before the previous one have been locked in the Private Vault, for various reasons. One, because I am ashamed of many of them. Two, because this is my first unfriended post in basically forever. Now, please note that the majority of my entries will still be friend locked, but this is just to let people know that I am here and to give you a chance TO friend me for those extra delicious tidbits of my life.

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